Qualitäts- und Umweltpolitik

Our principles: Quality and environmental policy

At Harbort, we place great emphasis on protecting the environment and ensuring that the quality of our company's products and services are in line with market requirements.

We define our quality and environmental policy as follows:

We aim to provide our customers with innovative, reliable and value-for-money products as an efficient and reliable partner. We carefully plan and monitor all processes and activities to ensure safe and environmentally-friendly production.
Our customers’ satisfaction and the fulfillment of our quality and environmental requirements is ensured via close cooperation between all areas of our company.
The quality assurance of our products and the legally compliant protection of the environment in the area of resources, emissions and waste disposal form the basis upon which every manager and employee in the company works.
Our main suppliers are integrated into our management system to ensure that they also understand and implement our quality and environmental requirements.
Cost-cutting measures are important, but they are not made at the expense of quality and the environment.
As important prerequisites for achieving our goals, internal communication, external communication and the autonomous coordination of employees and managers demand constant further development.
The basis for the further development of our management system lies in continuous improvement of processes and products in all areas and expanding our employees’ skill sets with targeted training and further education.
We respect the provisions of the German General Equal Treatment Act to prevent discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, sexual identity or age.

Our quality and environmental policy extends to all areas and activities to achieve optimum quality, productivity and flexibility in the interests of our customers.

Our guiding principle is: Quality and environmental awareness is something that must be cultivated, not monitored!